With the approaching spring season, it’s time to set new trends in fashion. Spring collection is generally bright and full of colors. Abiding by the colours of this season, the 2011 collection has some marvelous clothes in store for you. All of the fashion aware must encounter themselves with aKeep Reading
It is fall fashion week in NYC and behind all the glitz, celebrities and drama, there was a lot of work to be done on my end. As you may already know, I own and operate a Fashion Consultant firm called My Image Expert www.MyImageExpert.com. I am also responsible forKeep Reading
A Fashion Magazine can be a great way to keep on the latest trends in popular culture and society. If you are looking to stay connected to what’s going on in style, beauty, relationships, and homemaking, then a fashion magazine can help you do so. The virtual medium has takenKeep Reading
If you are anything like me, you cannot live without your celebrity gossip headlines, and you hang onto every word that you may read on a website, hear about on a radio or see on television. You know that some of what is being reported is not true, but inKeep Reading
The French have a determined eye for fashion and an irrefutable personal sense of style that folks around the globe cannot help but praise their inherent tastes. As soon as a stylish French woman steps out of a lovely sidewalk cafe or stops by the beautiful display windows of theKeep Reading