Career prospects are plentiful in the fashion design industry. There plenty positions other than the head designer. Apprenticeships are available whilst you study for your fashion design qualification. There are fashion houses that will accommodate young apprentices in this regard. This will be a great way to combine theory withKeep Reading
Hello Mes Amies, Slightly Mad Uncle Jacques here, personally I abhor the pigeon holing, but apparently Uncle Google says it’s a must …so we persevere. You are of course here because you need my sage advice again or because perhaps I have gone viral, which my internet friends tell meKeep Reading
What better than celebrity scandals, to keep the public entertained. We love foolishness of celebrities and mistakes that they make – some make them very frequently, and some make them and never skip a beat once they overcome their scandal. Take Robert Downey Jr. for instance. He has found himselfKeep Reading
With the winter now here, summer is no far behind. Soon the days will come, you will have to wash and fold your cardigans to store them in your closet. If you are bored with the same summer wears on the wardrobe, time has come you must go for someKeep Reading
Most men would be loathe to discuss the latest mens fashion trend and would rarely spend more than a few minutes discussing or even thinking about mens fashion dos and donts. Overt discussions on latest trends and fads are more common when it comes to womens fashion but there areKeep Reading