It has been seen that women who live at home have very difficult to pass time. For passing time, they often take help of TV, gossip with friends and shopping. But now, they can easily pass time by reading fashion magazines. The survey reveals that women are gradually adopting magazinesKeep Reading
Here is the list of all familiar fashion industry magazines around the world. This list comprises several types of business journals, magazines and periodicals. The information below also comprises brief overview, name of magazine etc. The apparel strategist This is the leading Canadian monthly magazine related to textile and fashionKeep Reading
Milan is well-known as the fashion capital  of the world. Annually, the legendary fashion city sets up a week for all designers, fashion editors and models throughout the globe. Recently, the Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2011 has been held successfully to dedicate to women’s fashion. The impressive lasting memories ofKeep Reading
Romantic summer coming, ladies beauty began to stir, in addition to open fashion colorful wardrobe, not to forget Select a suitable hairstyle and Liangzhuang “Mutually” is the most popular hair dye perm project, a beauty salon in the shopping guide series, we introduce you to the hair articles. In thisKeep Reading
While you might not be the one to follow fashion trends that are too “main-stream”, you should keep in mind that nearly all fashion trends touch different genres of clothes. Whether you are dressing your child with a main-stream flair, or if you opt for a more unique gothic, punk,Keep Reading